flipping card

Flip Card on Hover

How to make simple card with flipping effect when hovers over it

button with overflowing icon

Button With Overflowing Icon

Make buttons with overflowing icon

youtube purple colored bar

Youtube Colored Bar – Change Skin of Youtube with CSS

Here is the CSS code for changing skin/theme of Youtube

SVG Path

(Part 1 : Set stroke-dasharray & stroke-dashoffset in Percentage) – SVG Path

Set stroke-dasharray & stroke-dashoffset of SVG Path in % using JavaScript

dog vector

Dog Vector

SVG code for dog’s face

infinity loader

Infinity Loader Without SVG

Making loader in the shape of infinity symbol (∞) using clip : rect()

if else to switch statement

Learn how to transform if-else statement to equivalent switch statement


Text Fill Progress Indicator

Progress will be shown by colored part of the text

Flapping Dialog Box

Flapping Dialog Box

A dialog box with flapping entrance animation with flapping buttons

Bubbling Heart Animation

Making bubbling heart animation using LESS CSS